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Electrostatic Discharge Hazards--Kapnor Large Horizontal Ion Fan Tells You

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As a common physical phenomenon, static electricity has been accompanied by the rapid development of integrated circuits and the wide application of polymer materials in the past 10 years. The harm caused by electrostatic force, discharge, and induction is very serious. Statistics of the United States, the US electronics industry sector Each year, the damage caused by electrostatic hazard is up to 10 billion U.S. dollars. In the UK, electronic products cause losses of 2 billion pounds per year due to static electricity, and at least 45% of the non-conforming products of electronic components in Japan are caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). . The seriousness of the problem lies in the lack of understanding of electrostatic hazards and the ignorance of antistatic knowledge among many people. Often, some equipment performance caused by ESD is degraded or faulted, and it is mistaken for the early aging of components.
Static characteristics:

(1) First of all, because many people do not understand the generation of static electricity, because the electrostatic discharge below l~2kV cannot be sensed, it can damage the device due to electric shock. (It should be noted that the breakdown voltage of a typical MOS circuit and a field effect transistor is about 300V.) Therefore, the damage caused by static electricity occurs in people's unconscious processes.

(2) The failure analysis of the device is difficult because the damage of static electricity is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the device damage caused by overvoltage in other transient processes.

(3) After being damaged by static electricity, some devices are not unusable, but their characteristics have been reduced. People were not able to find them at that time, but have already caused potential failures. Under certain specific conditions in the future, Eventually, the device will fail, such as a hole in the device's oxide layer. After the device is operated for a long time, the metallization electromigration will cause a short circuit to burn out, resulting in device failure. This type of electrostatic damage will greatly shorten the life of components.

(4) Some people mistakenly believe that nowadays integrated circuits, such as MOS circuits, many manufacturers have adopted anti-static protection circuits in their design, and that anti-static electricity is not necessarily required. However, in the production activities, people wear chemical fiber clothes, all kinds of plastic products packaging, sliding, friction, or separation of the above materials, especially in the air-drying season, will generate electrostatic voltage of 600~15000V. If the humidity is 20% or less, the static voltage may be as high as 30 kV. Even sensitive devices that protect against electrostatic discharge are very dangerous.

The ionization device of the K-105B horizontal ion blower generates a stable high-strength electric field under the action of the low current and high voltage generated by the high-voltage generator. The ionized air forms an ion body and is carried by the airflow to reach the surface of the object to achieve neutralization and static electricity. Dust removal purpose. There is a special cleaner on the ionization device that can remove dust on the ionization needle and keep the ionization device working properly.
K-105B large-scale ion blower eliminates static electricity and can solve production problems caused by static electricity, such as cleaning dust caused by static electricity, bonding problems during processing of plastic products, jumping of small parts caused by electrostatic repulsion, etc. . Http://www.kapoor.hk

·Neutralizing static electricity
·Ion flow covers a large area
· Wide range of wind adjustment
·Ion emitter cleaner
·Ionization indicator
·The fan has a good grounding protection
Application range:
Hard disk manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly line, electronic production and packaging, LED assembly line, semiconductor assembly line, microprocessor and so on.

The damage caused by electrostatic force, discharge and induction is very serious. KAPOOR ion blower can help you solve the trouble caused by static electricity.


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