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Ion balance problems and clean room applications for ion wind bars

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Ion balance problems with ion wind bars and clean room applications.
Ionic wind bar built-in unique high air volume trachea, hard aluminum shell, no click design, can be coupled with compressed gas.
The advantage of the ion wind bar for clean room applications is that it is very stable in terms of static electricity removal performance, and is easier to replace and clean.
From a performance point of view, the environment of the clean room is very demanding on the ion flow, so the ion wind bar must quickly identify the number of electrostatic charges in the environment and the electrodes, and release the same amount of opposite ions for rapid synthesis. The process of self-identification and self-adjustment will make the static elimination performance very stable.
The ionic wind bar generates a large number of air masses with positive and negative charges that neutralize the charges carried on objects passing through its ionizing radiation zone. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it will attract the positive charge in the radiation area. When the surface of the object is positively charged, it will attract the negative charge in the radiation area, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized. , to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.
Ion balance problem of ion wind bar
    When static electricity occurs, the air from the ion wind bar contains equal amounts of positive and negative ions in order to eliminate the negative and positive charges generated.
In the face of this situation, the electrostatic ions should act for at least two minutes to neutralize the charge in the domain.
The setting of the ion wind bar should be determined according to the manufacturer's recommendation or by monitoring or testing.
The above is the ion balance problem of ion wind bar and the advantages of clean room applications. If you have any questions you can contact us, Boheng static electricity will fully solve your static problems.


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