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In the air shower, static electricity eliminators need to be installed. Do you know?

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We all know that the function of the air shower is to blow away the dust from the human body and suck the dust through the circulation system onto the filter mesh. People usually think that dust adsorption can be removed with enough wind force, but the gas friction will also be neglected. Static electricity is generated, and the larger the wind power is, the more static electricity is generated. The dust with static electricity in the space is easily absorbed onto the human body after blowing dust. Therefore, in this case, the air shower machine does not really solve the problem of dust removal. Instead, it increased the generation of static electricity.
     Modern electronic industry demands more and more control of dust, and the level of clean rooms is getting higher and higher. In the past, the practice of air shower can no longer meet the requirements of modern electronics industry. In order to solve this problem of air showers, only The electrostatic discharge device can be installed in the air shower to utilize the original wind force of the air shower to quickly bring out the ions emitted from the static eliminator. This will not only remove the dust from the human body, but also eliminate the human body and the air. The static electricity, we no longer have to worry about dust particles into the clean room.


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