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Static electricity harms the integrated circuit industry

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The harm of static electricity in life production, then what harm does static electricity have to the integrated circuit industry?
The electrostatic adsorption of Dijon and ESA (Electro Static Attraction) can cause serious pollution.
We know that the IC production process requires a clean room or a clean room. However, there are few domestic manufacturers that do not have any dust particles in the clean room. Now it is required that the dust particle size be reduced from the original 0.3 μm to the current 0.1 μm, but if the particle size of the adsorbed dust particles is larger than the line width It is easy to scrap the product.
In some cases, customers may ask that the electrostatic protection of the whole process of our production wafers is very good. The grounding is connected, the anti-static equipment to be used is also used, and the purification level is also very high. Will it attract dust after time? That is because the FFU high-efficiency filter is installed on the machine table or work shop where the wafers are processed and processed. When the air flow is rubbed with the product, static electricity is generated. When the static electricity accumulates to a level of helium, dust is adsorbed. Therefore, we recommend installing a static eliminator without a gas source under the high-efficiency filter to ensure the dynamic balance of the entire space.
Second, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) electrostatic discharge, it will cause device breakdown.
Electrostatic discharge is the process of charge accumulation. When the charge is accumulated to a certain degree, a conductor close to it will generate electrostatic discharge. For a very simple example, in the dry winter, people walk around and rub on, it is easy to accumulate static electricity. When we touch a metal handle or open a car door, there is a feeling of electric shock. This is called electrostatic discharge. When the static electricity of 3000-5000V, there will be a clear feeling of discharge.
The same is true for semiconductor devices. If a semiconductor device with a fixed amount of static electricity is placed or loaded into a circuit module alone, it will be broken down immediately. After the device is affected by electrostatic discharge, there may not be immediate functional damage, but it will affect the reliability of the components.
The losses caused by electrostatic discharge can reach several billion US dollars per year. Therefore, many large-scale components and equipment manufacturers have introduced specialized technologies to reduce static electricity accumulation in the production environment.
Third, EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) electronic interference, it will cause damage.
Electrostatic discharge will radiate a lot of radio waves, and these waves are all frequency, and will cause great disturbances to surrounding microprocessors, such as confusing program instructions, confusing data, unclear error messages, etc. , and these issues are not as important, but once the failure occurs it will bring enormous harm.
The damage caused by the above hazards is staggering. According to relevant reports, China’s electronics industry has estimated that direct economic losses caused by static electricity are as high as billions of renminbi each year; the direct economic losses of the electronics industry caused by static electricity in the United States exceed 100 billion U.S. dollars per year; the United Kingdom has also suffered nearly 2 billion pounds in losses; In Japan in the 1990s, 45% of substandard microelectronic devices were caused by static electricity. These figures are very shocking. Adding up to these global losses should be able to build dozens of large chip manufacturers. The harm caused by static electricity is so great. Of course, you need the most professional electrostatic treatment experts to help you fully solve the electrostatic problem. Boheng Electrostatic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of static electricity elimination. It is a senior brand in China and is your right choice!


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