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The impact of static electricity on the pharmaceutical industry

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Static electricity has various degrees of influence on all walks of life. However, from the working contacts, we know more than nothing about the electronics factories. Do you know that static electricity will also affect the pharmaceutical industry? Do you know how to prevent static electricity?
The main hazards of static electricity to the pharmaceutical industry are:
Because of its friction in the production process, it causes a large amount of static electricity in the medicine or medicine vessel, which causes the dust in the air to adsorb on the surface, affecting the quality and pass rate of the product, so the drug production and the drug vessel The static electricity must be effectively eliminated during the cleaning process. And from improving the quality of the product.
Elimination of static electricity and equipment used:
For the pharmaceutical industry, to improve the quality of the product, the dust on the product must be eliminated. However, the dust is adsorbed on the surface due to static electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate static electricity before the dust is removed.
There are many devices in addition to static electricity on the market. Among them, the most common ones for the pharmaceutical industry are: In addition to electrostatic ion guns, in addition to electrostatic ion nozzle, in addition to electrostatic ion rods.
The application of the above various static electricity removal equipments in its pharmaceutical industry is briefly explained as follows:
In addition to electrostatic ion nozzle:
It is mainly used in the process of full-automatic bottle cleaning. During the bottle cleaning process, high static electricity is generated due to the friction of water, which leads to a large amount of dust adsorption inside the bottle. All the cleaning process is used. Automatic equipment, so the ion wind nozzle must be fixed in the bottom of the bottle, when the bottle passes from above the ion wind nozzle, the ion wind nozzle will generate a strong ion current into the bottle. Its internal static treatment At the same time, remove the internal dust.
In addition to electrostatic ion guns:
Mainly used in semi-automatic or manual vial cleaning process. Its working principle and method are basically the same as that of the ion air nozzle. The difference is that the ion air gun cannot be fixed, and it is used for manual operation. Let the employees pick up the bottles with their hands and pick them up with an ion air gun to remove static electricity and dust from their bottles.
In addition to electrostatic ion rods:
Due to the special nature of the product (no external wind or airflow), the non-air source ion rods are used as the ion rods, which are mounted on the conveyor belt in the process of drug delivery. The static electricity is generated by the pharmaceutical industry's friction with the air and the conveyor belt during transportation. After the static electricity is generated, dust in the air starts to be adsorbed. Therefore, the ion rod is installed to eliminate static electricity in the transmission process.
Ion sticks can be custom-sized according to the width of the conveyor belt, and the number of ion bars is determined based on the length of the conveyor belt.
The rod was mounted 1.5 to 3.0 cm from the drug and the surface of the product was statically eliminated when the product passed under the ion rod.
I hope that the above explanation can help the pharmaceutical industry better understand its current problems and better improve the pharmaceutical production environment.


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