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Horizontal ion fan in the end is not easy to use it?

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Some companies don't know how to choose ion fans, and they don't understand horizontal ion fans, causing many misunderstandings.
    In fact, when choosing a horizontal ion fan, you only need to know what kind of occasion you are using. It is a good choice, for example:
Production, Testing and Assembly of LCD and TFT Backlight Modules Along with the rapid development of the liquid crystal display industry, the use of static eliminators in this industry is the most typical and widespread. Due to the special nature of this type of industry, its manufacturing process requires electrostatic protection and dust protection. According to the size of the panel recommended: small size such as mobile phones, PDA, etc. usually use BH1001 or BH2001 desktop ion fan, big points such as computers, televisions and other products usually use BH2001B desktop ion fan or BH1006 and BH1006A horizontal ion fan. Larger sizes available with BH1003\BH1004\BH1005 plasma fans.
     In addition, if it is an ordinary work table to use the desktop can be placed, if it is installed in the purification work table use suspended ion fan is used, but installed in the dustless clean table must consider the flow phenomenon and installation location , angles and other issues


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