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How static electricity is generated

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The charge transfer occurs due to the presence of electric charge and electric field, so that the formation of two opposite polarity voltages is called static electricity. Electrostatic electricity is not static electricity. Electrostatic electricity and conventional electricity are qualitatively similar, and they are essentially electric charges. Static electricity is everywhere. Even in a static-protected environment, it is impossible to completely eliminate static electricity. It only reduces the possibility of some static electricity generation. The use of anti-static testing related instruments to test is the most standard and is the most scientific, objective and direct method. The reason for the unbalanced electron distribution is that electrons are derailed by external forces. This external force contains various kinds of energy (such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc.) in everyday life, after contact with any two different materials. After separation, static electricity can be generated. Solids, liquids and even gases are electrostatically charged by contact and separation. Why does gas also produce static electricity? Because the gas is also composed of molecules and atoms, when the air flows, the molecules and atoms also “contact and separate” and become electrified. So in our surroundings and even on our bodies, there will be different levels of static electricity. When static electricity accumulates to a certain degree, it will be discharged.


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