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Congratulations on the successful transformation of KANOOR KAPOOR static eliminator products

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Warm congratulations to Dongguan Puguo Industrial Co., Ltd. (Kapino KAPOOR) anti-static equipment products electrostatic wind bar and high voltage ion generator power supply, the success of the transformation of the third generation.
  Dongguan Puguo Industrial is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise and establishes an assembly base in mainland China with Taiwan KAPOOR. In order to meet the needs of the market, Capno KAPOOR R&D team constantly develops and researches product technology and is now successful. Developed high-quality electrostatic rods and high-pressure ion generators. The static electricity removal effect of the new electrostatic wind bar is even more pronounced. The technology has matured in the industry for many years.
   The new electrostatic wind bar has 3 supply characteristics:
    1, easy to install, there are a variety of material supply.
    2, in addition to fast static electricity, low residual voltage
    3, for harsh environments, such as printing plants, spraying plants, silk screen factory, thin film factory, precision cutting and other industries
    4, wind length can be customized according to customer demand length, fast delivery
Puguo Industry always adheres to the tenet of "universal nationwide, integrity first, and customer first", with the business philosophy of "leading quality, leading cost and leading service", and strives to achieve excellence. In just a few years, through the joint efforts of all staff, we have occupied a place in the Chinese market in the same industry field. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead and be bold in innovation. We will continue to work hard to build turbulent quality and strive to create a turbulent brand.
    Puguo Industry, is willing to go hand in hand with you and common development. Recruitment around the distribution agency! National Free Consultation Hotline: 400-863-7992


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