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Kapoor Kapoor Static Eliminator solves the harm caused by static electricity

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Static electricity is often an unwelcome guest around us. It is often a sudden blow to people, both in production and in life. Even if a person suffers an electric shock, it may even cause mysterious fires and explosions and become people. Invisible fire "murderer".
Static electricity is relatively stationary within the macroscopic range and temporarily loses its balanced positive or negative charge. In the event of the generation and accumulation of dangerous static electricity, if the space has an explosive mixture, it may cause fire and explosion due to electrostatic sparks, whether it is flammable solids, powder materials, or flammable liquid vapors or flammable gas materials; whether it is machine operation or Manual operation may cause electrostatic fire or explosion due to static electricity. As far as process classification is concerned, the solid material has a large area of friction. The solid materials contact each other under pressure and then separate. The solid material is squeezed out, and the friction occurs between the solid wall material and the filter wall and the solid material. The process of crushing, grinding, stirring, etc. may produce dangerous electrostatic accumulation. Powder material filtration, sieving, pneumatic conveying, stirring, jetting, trans-shipment and other processes may also generate dangerous electrostatic accumulation. Liquid materials flow at high speed, filter, stir, spray
Miscellaneous electrostatic charges may accumulate during fogging, spraying, flushing, splashing, pouring, and even sedimentation. Combustible liquid vapours and flammable gases Due to impurities in solids or liquids, dangerous electrostatic build-up can also occur when they are ejected at high speeds from gaps or valves or at high speeds in pipelines. In addition, persons wearing synthetic chemical fibre clothing are active. The aircraft may also generate dangerous electrostatic accumulation during flight. Therefore, many fires and explosions are caused by electrostatic accumulation. As we all know, friction can generate static electricity, and rubbing like friction involves complex processes such as contact, separation, breakage, piezoelectricity, thermoelectricity, etc., the most important of which is the contact-separation process. So far, people generally use the contact/separation theory to explain the generation of solid static electricity. Liquid static electricity is different from vapor and gas electrostatic generation. Liquid static electricity is accompanied by electroosmosis, battery and electrolysis, and there is an electric double layer on the solid-liquid interface. Vapor and gas electrostatics are essentially solid impurities contained within them or charged on liquid impurities. Although there are many ways to generate static electricity, the mechanism of electrification is not the same, but there are defects that are the same, that is, where static electricity is generated has nothing to do with electricity. Electrostatic voltage is sometimes as high as tens of thousands of volts or even hundreds of thousands of volts. The energy consumed to generate high voltage static electricity is extremely small and limited. The direct cause of electrostatic fires and explosions is electrostatic discharge sparks. Therefore, Kapino anti-static equipment ion fan, ion air gun, ion wind bar, ion wind Tsui, ion wind snake, ion wind drum, etc., these professional anti-static equipment, according to your needs of various types of matching, to help you Solve the harm caused by static electricity, make your company's finished product quality higher, harm reduction, output increase, bring you unexpected unexpected gains!


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