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Ionic Blower - KAPONO KAPOOR Brand successfully accepted by China General Administration of Trademarks

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Warmly congratulate the KAPONO KAPOOR brand for its smooth entry into the Chinese mainland market.
The KAPONO KAPOOR trademark passed the successful acceptance of the State Administration of Trademarks of the People's Republic of China. The KAPONO KAPOOR brand is from Taiwan. In order to expand the Asian market, Dongguan Puguo Industrial Co., Ltd. has established Asia KAPOOR KAPOOR product assembly base. KAPOOR KAPOOR R&D and sales of anti-static products, ion fan, ion air gun, ion wind bar, ion wind nozzle, ion wind snake, ion wind drum, ion wind curtain, high voltage ion generator, electrostatic generator, electrostatic test Instruments; pneumatic tools, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic grinding machines, pneumatic polishing machines, pneumatic drills, pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic grinding machines, pneumatic shovels, pneumatic saws, pneumatic sanders, pneumatic riveters and other rakes.
The company's products are widely used in electronics, plastics, rubber, spraying production lines, LED, LCD monitors, automobiles, motorcycles, aviation, bridges, molds, machinery, military factories and so on. The anti-static products, electronic tools, pneumatic spray guns, pneumatic tools, and pneumatic tools operated by PKU are selling well in the consumer market and enjoy a high status among consumers. The company has established long-term stability with many retailers and agents. Cooperation relationship.
Puguo Industrial has 5 engineering R&D personnel and 10 technical staff. Its peers own the world's most advanced production equipment and testing instruments. The company's products have been fully recognized by CE\ROHS certification and third-party testing service agencies. Puguo Industry rely on advanced production equipment and technology and a powerful marketing network to provide customers with the best quality service, credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, with many varieties of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover, won the majority of customers Trust, but also thank all the friends of all circles for their concern and love, and also hope to become all customers' loyal friends and partners, and work together with you to create a beautiful home.
The company always adheres to the principle of “universal nationwide, honesty and integrity, and customer first”, with the business philosophy of “leading quality, leading cost, and leading service”, striving to achieve excellence. In just a few years, through the joint efforts of all staff, we have occupied a place in the Chinese market in the same industry field. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead and be bold in innovation. We will continue to work hard to build turbulent quality and strive to create a turbulent brand.
Puguo Industry, is willing to go hand in hand with you and common development. Recruitment around the distribution agency!


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