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Taiwan''s Kapoor KAPOOR - Cordless Screwdriver Foreground and Application Industry

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The global electric screwdriver industry can be divided into three grades: industrial grade, professional grade and DIY household grade according to the technical requirements, application fields and other characteristics of the product. Among them, industrial-grade electric screwdriver products are mainly used in workplaces with high process accuracy or environmental protection requirements, such as the aerospace field. They have the characteristics of high technical requirements, high profits, and small market scope; DIY household electric screwdrivers are mainly used. It is used in occasions where the accuracy is not high and the operation time is not long, such as home repair, simple decoration and other occasions, with low technical content and low profit. At present, most of China's electric screwdriver manufacturers are producing DIY household-level electric screwdriver products. The product sales are mainly based on price as a means of competition, and overall it presents a variety of low-end, disorderly competition. The professional-grade electric screwdriver is far more than a DIY product regardless of its technical content, application range, product added value or product gross margin. The professional-grade electric screwdriver has high power, high rotation speed and long motor life. The utility model can continuously repeat the operation for a long time, and has the characteristics of high technical content, high profit margin, wide market scope, high industry threshold, and high brand value.
   Kapok Kapoor Electric Screwdriver Industry Actively Introduces Technology to Improve Its Strength China's rapid development and the comprehensiveness of foreign exchanges. The electric screwdriver industry is expected to develop rapidly in recent years, but it is still lagging behind other foreign companies. For the rapid development of the electric screwdriver industry, technology is crucial. Coupled with the special nature of the electric screwdriver industry, it is a high-tech industry, and companies must actively introduce relevant technologies to enhance their own strength. The electric screwdriver industry belongs to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and upgrades its services to the advanced manufacturing industry. Electric screwdrivers are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail construction, shipbuilding, automotive and other advanced equipment manufacturing industries as well as construction roads, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas.


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