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Static electricity harms the integrated circuit industry [ 2017-09-20 ]
The harm of static electricity in life production, then what harm does static electricity have to the integrated circuit industry? The electrostatic adsorpt....
Congratulations on the successful transformation of KANOOR KAPOOR static eli.... [ 2017-09-20 ]
Warm congratulations to Dongguan Puguo Industrial Co., Ltd. (Kapino KAPOOR) anti-static equipment products electrostatic wind bar and high voltage ion gener....
Exhibitors | Professional addition of electrostatic solution provider PuKuo .... [ 2018-01-31 ]
Dongguan Puguo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative company headquartered in Daxin Street, Shanhua Town, Tainan County, Taiwan Province.....
Congratulations to Capono KAPOOR ion fan for CE and ROHS certification [ 2017-12-18 ]
Warmly congratulate KAPONO KAPOOR static eliminator series products to obtain CE and ROHS certifications. The company operates anti-static equipment such a....
The impact of static electricity on the pharmaceutical industry [ 2017-09-20 ]
Static electricity has various degrees of influence on all walks of life. However, from the working contacts, we know more than nothing about the electronic....
Why is the ion wind nozzle also called ion wind nozzle? [ 2017-09-20 ]
A variety of ion wind nozzles are known as the following, which can be summarized as follows: Ion tuyere manufacturers, Slade ion tuyeres, serpentine ion tu....
Horizontal ion fan in the end is not easy to use it? [ 2017-09-20 ]
Some companies don''t know how to choose ion fans, and they don''t understand horizontal ion fans, causing many misunderstandings. In fact, when choosing a ....
What is the biggest feature of ion wind Tsui? [ 2017-09-20 ]
1.BH4001A inductive ion wind nozzle is controlled by photoelectric switch to control air flow. The sensing distance is adjustable. When no object passes th....
Warm congratulations to KAPONO KAPOOR anti-static equipment and cooperation .... [ 2017-09-20 ]
Kapoor Kapoor Static Eliminator solves the harm caused by static electricity [ 2017-09-20 ]
Static electricity is often an unwelcome guest around us. It is often a sudden blow to people, both in production and in life. Even if a person suffers an e....
Ionic Blower - KAPONO KAPOOR Brand successfully accepted by China General Ad.... [ 2017-09-20 ]
Warmly congratulate the KAPONO KAPOOR brand for its smooth entry into the Chinese mainland market. The KAPONO KAPOOR trademark passed the successful accepta....
Capno anti-static equipment in the semiconductor industry [ 2017-09-20 ]
Capno anti-static equipment in the semiconductor industry In the semiconductor device production plant, due to the adsorption of dust on the chip, the yield....
Taiwan''''s Kapoor KAPOOR - Cordless Screwdriver Foreground and Application .... [ 2017-09-20 ]
The global electric screwdriver industry can be divided into three grades: industrial grade, professional grade and DIY household grade according to the tec....
Congratulations on the successful registration of the KAPONO trademark in Taiwan [ 2017-09-20 ]
Congratulations on the successful registration of the KAPONO trademark in Taiwan Dongguan Puguo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative company a....

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