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Mr. Chen
Mr. Chen ll the static electricity equipment manufactured by Puguo Industrial Co., Ltd. is free of charge for one year, and it is free of maintenance of labor costs for life. The company''s online sales point near the city provides free on-site inspection services. If th....
A company in Jiangsu: Manager Ko
A company in Jiangsu: .... Puguo Industrial has many years of experience in the production of anti-static equipment, special sizes can be customized according to the requirements of the production of various series of anti-static equipment products, product quality problems rarely occur.
Mr. Li
Mr. Li Puguo Industrial''s anti-static equipment products have passed CE\ROHS certification and third-party inspection service center''s full recognition! quality assurance!
Customer - Mr Huang
Customer - Mr Huang Puguo Industrial has its own factory to produce, fast delivery of the stock, according to the special nature of the product, rapid development and production. Can be customized according to special properties to meet different needs!

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